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We define or expand over 32200 terms, last I checked, often with relevant hyperlinks to external sites or cross-references. Overall, there are over 1.65 links per entry. (The alphabetic-only entries alone number more than 263, the number of distinct three-letter acronyms, but due to multiple senses for some combinations and also to the occurrence of acronyms with more or less than precisely three letters, plenty of TLA's are undefined. Rest assured, we're working to correct this problem.) Be the first person in your state to read all the entries! (And you'll be in such a state!) Choose any of the options below.


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    A . B . C . D . E . F . G . H . I . J . K . L . M . N . O . P . Q . R . S . T . U . V . W . X . Y . Z . Numbers . Þ (``thorn'')


    Select a section of A:
    1. A to AAZV
    2. AB to ABZU
    3. .ac to AC-3
    4. AD to adzy
    5. AE to AFZ
    6. AG to AJS
    7. AK to Alverno
    8. AM to AM2
    9. An to AoW
    10. AP to Aqr
    11. A/R to ARXPS
    12. A&S to AS56
    13. AT to A $60 value, and you also get...
    Select a section of B:
    1. B to BayMG
    2. .bb to BDU
    3. be to BFV
    4. .bg to BKV
    5. BL to BNZ
    6. BO to BQE
    7. bR to BTW, btw
    8. BU to B-9
    Select a section of C:
    1. C. to caesarean
    2. CAF to CAORC
    3. CAP to CAYG
    4. CB to CCW permit
    5. Cd to CEVE
    6. Cf to CGW
    7. C&H to chyme
    8. CI to CLWR
    9. cm to Cn3D
    10. CO to COMTRAD Industries
    11. con to COXE
    12. CP to CQW
    13. CR to Crystallography World Wide
    14. CS to CTY
    15. CU to C7
    Select a section of D:
    1. d to DAZ
    2. DB to DDX
    3. DE to DH5
    4. d.i. to Dizzy
    5. DJ to DMZ
    6. DN to DPW
    7. DQ to DS9
    8. DT to d4T
    Select a section of E:
    1. E to ECW
    2. Ed. to EGTA
    3. .eh to EL2
    4. E&M to ENYOEHC
    5. EO to EQW
    6. ER to Es war einmal
    7. ET to E3
    Select a section of F:
    1. °F to FBW
    2. FC to FFTB
    3. FG to fizzle
    4. fj. to FNV
    5. FO to FQHE
    6. fr. to FR-6
    7. FS to F90
    Select a section of G:
    1. <g> to GCWR
    2. Gd to GKS
    3. GL, G-L to Go8
    4. GP, gp to Gruyère
    5. GS to G-77
    Select a section of H:
    1. H, h to HBV
    2. HC to Hfuhruhurr
    3. Hg to HO3
    4. hp to H3P
    Select a section of I:
    1. I to ICGSL
    2. ich to IDV
    3. ie to II-VI
    4. IJAL to IMW
    5. in. to INXS
    6. .io to IRWA
    7. .is to ISX
    8. IT to I-90
    Select a section of J:
    1. J to JDW
    2. JEA to JNTO
    3. Jo. to J-2
    Select a section of K:
    1. K. to kiwi, Kiwi
    2. KKR to K9, K-9
    Select a section of L:
    1. L to LC50
    2. LD to LH2
    3. LI to lixiviation
    4. LJ to LPX
    5. LQ to l8r
    Select a section of M:
    1. M. to May Week
    2. MB to MD5
    3. Me., ME to MHz
    4. MI to mnu
    5. .mo to Mozilla
    6. MP to MSY
    7. MT to M###: M1 to M110
    Select a section of N:
    1. N to NAZHA
    2. Nb to Nd:YAG
    3. n e to NHW
    4. NI to NNW
    5. no to NOYDB
    6. .np to NSWCDD
    7. NT to N-9
    Select a section of O:
    1. O to OEZ
    2. OF to OMVPE
    3. ON to ORY
    4. o.s. to O2
    Select a section of P:
    1. p, P to pay toilets
    2. PB to PDX
    3. .pe to Pezhead
    4. .pf to physics crossword puzzles
    5. PI to PKU
    6. .pl to PLZ
    7. PM to PNUE
    8. PO to PPVT
    9. PQ to PSDS
    10. PSE to PTVCR
    11. PU to P3P
    Select a section of Q:
    1. Q to Q5
    Select a section of R:
    1. R to RBTS
    2. RC to Rezeptionstheorie
    3. RF to RKO
    4. RL to RQC
    5. RR to R2D2
    Select a section of S:
    1. $ to Say it with flowers
    2. Sb to SBWP
    3. Sc to SCYC
    4. SD to SDVMA
    5. Se to sez
    6. SF to SHV-5
    7. .si to Six Sigma
    8. S. J. to SM3
    9. SN to SOWPODS
    10. sp. to SQV
    11. sr. to SS7
    12. St. to STX
    13. S/U to S2S
    Select a section of T:
    1. T to TCXO
    2. TD to TFX
    3. TG to TIWTGLGG
    4. .tj to TN3270
    5. TO to TQM
    6. .tr to TSWS
    7. .tt to T42+24T
    Select a section of U:
    1. u. to UIUC
    2. ujfdgyhbnkm to UQU
    3. UR to U6
    Select a section of V:
    1. V to VEX
    2. VF to viz.
    3. VJ, V-J to VQT
    4. VR to V.90
    Select a section of W:
    1. W to WBW
    2. WC to WGU
    3. W(h) to WNW
    4. W/O, w/o to W3VL
    Select a section of X:
    1. X to X.500
    Select a section of Y:
    1. y to Y211
    Select a section of Z:
    1. Z to Z80
    Select a section of Numbers:
    1. 0 to 999
    Select a section of Þ:
    1. Þe to Þorn

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