``Thèbes - Tombe d'Ousirhat - 19e dynastie - 1250 av. J.-C. [Zoom].''

While a complete, comprehensive, and -- as we researchers say -- ``full'' translation of the inscription or text above would require the kinds of resources and introspective leisure afforded only by a generous grant, some things can be determined immediately, in time for the generous-grant application deadline. In particular, careful examination of the few apparent words suggests that the inscription is in French. This is very suggestive, because French is a suggestive language. French is also an old language of old Science, suggesting that this figure was an illustration of a now-lost scientific report of alien visitors to ancient Thebes. French as such did not exist three thousand years ago, but it is a very Scientific language (the spelling is very logical compared with, say, English spelling--to take a random example), so perhaps the ancient scientific illustrators found a way to overcome this difficulty. After all, stranger things have been reliably reported by close personal friends of Oprah and Liz. As corroborative evidence, consider that Mary Todd Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Charles De Gaulle all spoke French fluently, and they lived so long ago that they're already dead. Perhaps the ancient professors reasoned their way independently to the French language. Also, French is a foreign language, and aliens are, ipso factotum, foreigners as well [ftnt. 15].

In addition to the words, the use of Hindu-Arabic (``1250'') and hexadecimal numbering (``19e'') proves the scientific character of the work.

The words ``Zoom'' and ``Tomb[e]'' rhyme, and although they are geometrically separated in the inscription, this rhyme implies an intimate connection. ``Zoom'' clearly refers to a rapid transportation technology, evidently used by the alien beings (recognizable in the figure by the enlarged brains that most hirsuteness-challenged alien persons have). ``Tomb,'' then, must refer to the dire fate of some ancient Egyptians who met and probably had lunch with the aliens [ftnt. 9]. The fact that no ancient Egyptians are shown poignantly testifies to the likely direness of their fate. Perhaps the bodies were never found. The significance of the illustration is now evident:

The ancient shale painting depicts

Alien beings preparing drugs for experimentation on ancient Egyptian subjects (not shown) at Lunch (not shown).

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[The figure at the top of this page was grabbed from <http://sgline.epfl.ch/BERGER/First/slide.cgi?english&EGYPTE&17> (under the hierarchy of World Art Treasures Www Server). I believe its use for the scientific purposes served here is well within the copyright terms.]

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