Ham Radio Q-signs

Ten-codes are forms of verbal shorthand that have arisen informally; a number of standardization efforts have been made by various radio organizations. The FCC requires CB-ers to keep a written list of the codes with the CB set if they use CB codes at all. Law enforcement uses a similar but not quite identical set of codes.

Code CB Meaning Police Meaning
10-0 [Not used] Caution
10-1 Signal weak / Receiving poorly Unable to copy -- change location
10-2 Signal strong / Receiving well
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Acknowledge / Yes / Okay
10-5 Relay message [to ...]
10-6 Busy
10-7 (Going) out of service
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat
10-10 Transmission complete or no Fight in progress
(list under construction)

A related shorthand is the Q-signs.