The C-cedilla was originally created for the Spanish language (strictly speaking, for the Aragonese, or Castillian language). That language had six sibilants, which were written with c, ç, j, s, x and z. During the Christian reconquest of Iberia (from the Moslems), the Castillian language lost many of its voiced sibilants (the standard hypothesis is that this was the influence of Basque, which also is sibilant-poor, since a large fraction of the soldiers of the reconquest were Basque). At this point, Modern Spanish (i.e. New Castillian) has more sibilant alphabetic characters than it has sibilant sounds for them to represent, so it surely doesn't need the cedilla. In the original ``Don Quixote,'' the x was pronounced like English sh, and Sancho Panza was written Sancho ``Pança.''